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In short, a challenge driven problem solver.

Hello, My Name is Scott.

Scott McGimpsey, 28 years young, born and raised in beautiful Colorado. Worked on both coasts with high profile clients on everything from Wireless Power Antenna Design to Machine Learning driven Information Classification, and independently with everything from robotics to electroplating to 3d printing to graphic design.

I design solutions. Everything I've done has been in the pursuit of being better at imagining, architecting, engingeering, and implementing products and processes which solve problems of every shape and size. I currently work as the Chief Design Architect on a development project for Ernst & Young, where I am developing a new tool and process to resolve one of the most extreme and omnipresent challenges facing the technology-driven business world.

I bring a deep and wide expertise from the granular component design level to the system wide testing, deployment, and integration. Because of the wide field in which electronic technology is used, I've been forced to grow a wide understanding of bordering fields, enabling me to lend my efforts across the entire development process. I bring a wealth of cross-disciplinary experience from interrelated fields (including product design, electrical engineering, component design, information governance, cyber security, information technologies, embedded systems, project management, software development, and graphic design) to develop solutions in the form of products, methodologies, and processes to meet new and exciting challenges.

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Every challenge is a new puzzle. And every puzzle is a solution waiting to be realized.

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Cluster Computing

Component Design

Autonomous Robotics

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I strive to deliver what a solution that responds to short term requirements and addresses long term sustainability. My work philosophy is to use honesty, collaboration, and optimism to achieve results.

1. Product Design

Product design, whether implemented in process, hardware, software, mechanical, or electrical, will always be my core focus. My drive to create is formed from my desire to use the limitations and criteria of challenges to realize substantive and effective solutions. The balance of cost, timeline, and feature-set helps define the rough outcome, but creativity, curiosity, and effectiveness drive the fine details. Having an appreciation and respect for both enables intelligent design.

2. Research & Development

Proper insight into a challenge and the solution landscape are vital to tackling new and unexplored problems. I dive deep into the challenge, learn the nuances, identify my assumptions, and then engineer the bridges that close the gaps. Leveraging industry standards, abstractive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and logical reasoning, a resolution and the limitations to any challenge can be found.

3. Business Acumin

Communication, Strategy, and Team-Management are my core tools when collaborating to solve a problem. The ability to communicate the problem, involve the team and client, and to develop an executable strategy, if overlooked, can be the start of the end of what would otherwise be a successful project. Appreciating and resolving the difficulties formed from unique personalities, enabling clear, focused, and reliable communication and managing expectations, and aligning personal interests with project goals can make or break any development effort.

4. Client Management

Open and strong communication and relationships with the client will always contribute greatly to the success of a project. A strong relationship and trust can bridge issues which would otherwise be impossible to close. Patience, honesty, and a true interest in helping the client overcome their challenges will reliably strengthen every interface with the client and pave the path to future engagements.

5. COTS and Prototyping

The best features of a product are often developed to fill a gap in the product. From concept to design to model to creation, the prototyping phase of a project is often one of the more challenging, but personally rewarding events in the development cycle. Requirements gathering, process development, user interaction, and limitations become elements that I unify to create the prototype.

6. Design

The balance of form and function is often neglected in the develoment process. Whether via custom made graphics, color palette, or mechanical design I continually strive to balance the form and function scale to ensure every solution looks and feels as impressive as the capability it provides.


Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.

Electrical Engineering




Project Management & Communication


Product Design


Mechanical Design


Graphic Design


Tool Proficiency

Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth. #checkoutmytoolbelt


Circuit Design Software


SMD Soldering


3D Modelling, CAD Software


C / BASH / Python


GIMP / Inkscape


EE Testing Equipment

My Strengths

Success is the aggregate of persistant learning, pride in your work, and a supportive team.

Problem Solving
Logic & Creativity
Continuous Learning

My Resume

If you call failures experiments, you can put them in your resume and claim them as achievements.

My Education
Cradle - Grave

2010 - 2012

Bachelors of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Metro State University of Denver

My degree from MSU Denver was a choice of wanting a degree program that would be flexible to my interests. MSU Denver enabled me to learn under some incredible professors alonside some brilliant (though unconventional) students.

2010 - 2008

Associates Degree

Front Range Community College

The most basic of basic, but requisite considering my resources I had at the time. But working through an associates degree taught me something--If I'm not being challenged, I'm not happy.

2003 - 2005

High School Degree

Monarch Highschool

Fairly standard highschool experience. Except I spent most of it building or taking things apart.

Work Experience
2000 - 2015

2014 - Now

Chief Architect and Senior Consultant

Ernst & Young, Cyber Security

Chief architect of software and process development for new info-gov service offering, development of client relationships, selling projects and engagements, tactical brainstorming, and project delivery.

2014 - 2013

Passive Magnetics Component Engineer & Sales Engineer

Inter-Technical, Inc

Development of inductive components for customers, data-sheet creation, materials reporting and compliance reporting, sales engineering, component inventory management, component collaboration with Chinese manufacturing teams.

2003 - 2013

IT Systems Engineer

Casey Industrial, Inc.

User management, troubleshooting, administration of system and network integrity, development of custom hardware solutions for timelapse cameras, infrasturcture security and research, cybersecurity, information management.

2001 - 2003


Advanced Energy Inc.

High Frequency Power Supply testing automation, precision soldering, circuit board debugging, circuit optimization.


The best indication of character is in the way people remember you.

Casey Industrial

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Greg Krieg

Ernst & Young

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Tushar Padhiar
Senior Manager

Ernst & Young

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Glen Day
Firm Partner


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Mike Broxterman
Senior Director of IT

Advanced Energy, Inc.

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Mike Monroe
Senior Engineer


The accolades, just like the scrapes and bruises, fade in the end, and all you're left with is your ambition.

Marketing Excellence Awards 2014

Excellence in Social Media Marketing

The "Big Idea" Competition 2012

Top 3 Team

Water Seven Art Directors Club Awards 2010

Finalist - Design

Finalist - Print Ad

Young Guns Award 2009

Finalist - Digital Campaign

Milestones Achieved

My path has not been determined. I shall have more experiences and pass many more milestones.


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