• Basic Info:

    While working with Streeper Industries, creators of popular escape room experiences like Puzzlarium, the lead puzzle design master requested a way to handle a massive number of inputs to a standard Arduino micro-controller. My solution was design a board which would to use two pins to give access and control to 2,048 unique I/O channels.

  • Project Info:

    Using the NXP PCA9698, I designed a board which could use the I2C communication protocol to address 32 individual I/O pins on that board. The board also included the capability of configuring up to 64 unique addresses via shorting solder pads. Without multiplexing, this enabled 2,048 unique I/O channels from one I2C line. With multiplexing, we could easily reach I/O count greater than 15,000. The design included features like self reboot, identify via LED, and Configure-Via-Connector, which changed the layout of the circuit depending on connector type. After a few revisions and discussions with the team, I sent the design to PCBWay.

  • Published:

    October 2016

  • Tags:

    Circuit Design, Input/Output, Board Design

  • Tools:

    Eagle, ELECTRA