• Basic Info:

    As part of the development of nice structures, I've found that nothing really compares to using a laser cutter and 3/4" hardwood. In this project, I needed a square box with a center-open lid for the next step of a Reverse Geo-Cache box I am designing. This is the result.

  • Project Info:

    While developing a reverse geo-cache box, I decided that I wanted to make this one unique from the others I've created by making the box first. Since I know the approximate volume of the electronics and hardware required, I was able to design a basic concept for the enclosure. I spend a few hours toying with different 3D designs of boxes and woods I'd like to use. After finalizing on the aesthetic I wanted, I recreated the model with the appropriate dimensions, and used Box-Corner joints for easy adhesive based assembly. The box also features a false bottom for the storage of the electronics. Oh, and the wood is sourced from a discarded upright piano! #UPCYCLED

  • Published:

    October 2016

  • Tags:

    Laser CNC, Laser Cut, Rapid Fabrication, Rapid Prototyping

  • Tools:

    DesignSpark Mechanical, LibreCAD, InkScape, Calipers