• Basic Info:

    What do you do when you need a mechanical ink-press, but your only machining tools available to you are a hand saw, drill, sandpaper, and whatever materials and hardware you can get from your local Home Depot or Lowes? You make this.

  • Project Info:

    This ink-press design was made with the following constraints: The final product must be made from parts you can find at a local hardware store, it must be manufacturable using only a hand saw, sandpaper, and a drill, and it must have a quality finished look. To meet the first criteria, all the parts I used in the CAD drawing are modeled on parts from the Home Depot Website. To meet the second criteria, I limited my design to being very angular with minimal requirements for cuts or machining that would require much skill. To meet the third objective, I designed around hardwood flooring panels so that the quality of the wood was variable to the individual maker, but still provided a wide selection of wood types.

  • Published:

    June 2016

  • Tags:

    Mechanical Design, Easy to Source, Easy to Build

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    DesignSpark Mechanical